I am [or at least plan to be post-pandemic] a graduate student studying Second Temple Judaism and Palestine at Jerusalem University College (www.juc.edu). I plan to pursue a PhD in biblical studies and ultimately a career of teaching and research for the church in service of the Kingdom. I like to think of myself as a "whole Bible" scholar (in an already-not-yet way) who specializes in the Gospels. I am particularly interested in notions of divine patronage and new covenant in the Gospels. I'm involved in a number of other academic projects, including IBR Students, the Logos Fellowship, and the Hippos-Susita Excavations Project. I am passionate theological education and training church leaders.


M.A. – Jerusalem University College, current program

Hebraic Roots of Christianity

M.Div. — Palm Beach Atlantic University, 2020

Thesis: “The Power of Purity: Purification-Healings in the Gospels”


B.A. — Palm Beach Atlantic University, 2017

Biblical and Theological Studies


  • Richards, E. Randolph, and Kevin J. Boyle. "Did Ancients Know the Testaments were Pseudepigraphic? Implications for 2 Peter." In BBR, forthcoming.​

Kevin Boyle


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